From June 26th to June 30th the English and Art Proficiency Courses ( LK, 2. Sem.) went on a wonderful field trip to London.
We stayed in a cute little hostel near famous Hyde Park.
It was in perfect walking distance to several restaurants, grocery stores and underground stations.
Each day was filled with sightseeing tours, our own presentations, outdoor art sessions and fun activities but we also had plenty of free time to explore the city on our own.
On our sightseeing tours we stopped at the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, The Globe, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Horse Guard Parade and Buckingham Palace
where we even had an audience with the Queen herself ! We also got to see the Tate Gallery of Modern Art and the Museum of London.
Our personal highlights of the trip were definitely the Jack the Ripper Walk and the musical 
During the Jack the Ripper Walk you walk through alleys of the East End while being told the story of Jack the Ripper and further historical facts.
You visit all the places where he killed his victims. It was super interesting and our hilarious tour guide Mr. Peter Mansfield made this experience even better.
The musical we went to see was about the daily working lives of American people as reported by Studs Terkel.
The actors were just amazing and the musical itself was captivating, emotional and funny.
Even students who are usually not into musicals were blown away by this masterpiece.
Thank you so much to Mrs. Berthold for organizing this incredible trip and to Mr. Morsch for
accompanying us. We all had a great time.

Debunking a Myth

London is an ever-growing metropolis reflecting post-modern globalisation.
I was astonished to see how far automation and digitalization have progressed there.
A city far more busy and over-crowded than I had imagined.
Londoners come in all shades and colours, multiculturalism has long been embraced.
The British have always been a peculiar bunch of people but what do you make of singing “Rule Britannia” in St. Paul’s Cathedral ?
So what do you expect in a place where punks and gentlemen walk the streets of London,
posh and cockney accents can be heard alongside each other and broken English prevails.
Not all is glamorous there. Certain myths need to be debunked. To my surprise there weren’t any fogs and far too many bankers !