The "Askanisches Gymnasium" focuses on different educational aspects, which, for example, concern the enviroment, the economy and especially the future of humanity. To represent those topics in an interesting and diverse way, excursions are regularly made. In mostly every grade students are dealing with the question "What happens in the future?" respectively "How will human beings be living later?" which can be partly answered with a visit to the museum called "Futurium".

The "Futurium" in Berlin enables a great insight into future discoveries. It is divided into several categories in which one of them deals with the future technology. Its focus is mainly on facilitating the human life. Let me introduce you to some innovations: A robot named "AILA" was created to work everywhere with people together. The robot can recognise and manipulate objects, move autonomously and navigate in unfamiliar surroundings. You can see "AILA" in real life in the "Futurium" and ask an employee for more information about it. But there is more! People created a so-called "Mobile Lorm Glove", which is a glove that enables deafblind people to write and receive text messages. That shows us that great inventions are even able to improve the life of disabled people, which is a magnificent win. Besides that, innovations like 3D printed thumb extensions and robots that play "tic tac toe" with you can be regarded or even tested.
In conclusion there is to say that a visit to the museum "Futurium" is a must for everybody and especially for young people who are the future of development. The museum has a great information service and many options to learn about different kind of innovations from all over the world. It gives us an insight into our future on an interesting and playful way.

Erna Buljubasic, LK81

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