Der Leistungskurs Englisch unternahm zum Thema „Umwelt“ einen Museumbesuch ins Futurium, um sich dort vor Ort zu informieren, welche Technologien hilfreich sein könnten, um nachhaltig und umweltfreundlich zu leben. Eine Schülerin des Leistungskurses schildert ihre Eindrücke:

Since the topic of the third semester of the English advanced course is “Saving the Planet”, we talked in class about what we can do in our everyday lives to save OUR planet, such as eating less meat and using public transportation. We also thought and did research on how future technologies could help us. For further information, knowledge and a better understanding we went on a field trip to the museum “Futurium”. In the “Futurium” new technologies, innovations and science projects are demonstrated and explained, that can hopefully help us in our goal and make sure that future generations will have a planet which they can live on. Some of the technologies presented were dealt with renewable energy, such as solar cells, wind and water power but also new ones such as using certain bacteria. An other area showed and explained how robots will change our lives by helping on the farms, clean houses and give company to those who need some and how robots will evolve. These are only examples and much more can be learned when visiting the “Futurium”. We had a great time and enjoyed the trip and are glad, that we had the opportunity to go there before the fall holydays and the lockdown hit hard again and the “Futurium” like a lot of places had to close.


Boonekamp, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons